Thursday, February 26, 2009

Julianne Swartz

I do believe I have seen every show of Julianne Swartz's beginning with the earlier location of Josee Bienvenu's interesting gallery and following Bienvenu's various solo shows and curatorial projects (Bienvenu is a very good writer and has a degree in philosophy, and her press releases and essays in publications she has put out have always been worth reading). From the very beginning when Swartz combined lenses and optics to look through and see small ribbons and collections of objects moved slightly by fans, and her magic with hardware store items and magnets, and the sound pieces also, this is quite a body of work - I encourage a visit to her website, but most importantly both the Jewish Museum before March 15th and Josee Bienvenu at 529 West 20th Street before March 28.

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