Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Andrew Spence

Andrew Spence has done the most variety of visual puns on minimalist abstraction revealing the refrence directly in the titles, in paintings and prints, from 1983 up until the present. He shows with Ed Thorpe, the best source for catalogues and other books about him, and he does have a website. This idea had been percolating but he is the center I worked both directions from, into the past and the future with the younger artists to come, as the one who had the most direct approach and love of modern design and the city and architecture, but Spider and others brings in a whole new vein of possibilities.

The titles are, from top to bottom,

Untitled (Spider) 2004

Crosswalks 1990

Picnic Table 1990

Stairwell 1987

Swivel Chairs 1988

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