Friday, February 20, 2009

Chakaia Booker

From Grace Glueck's review of her last show at Marlborough, which I had the pleasure to see, and then an acquaintance had her work in a well curated show at Henry Street Settlement a few months more than a year ago.

"Black rubber tires, cut up and recycled into sculptures, are Chakaia Booker's tough, aggressive signature medium, and in this show they are given even more expressive power. She uses patterned treads, thicknesses, textures, subtle differences in color (steel radials give the most chromatic effect) to different advantage in each object.

To Ms. Booker, black symbolizes the strength of African identity, suggests Charlotta Kotik of the Brooklyn Museum of Art in a catalog preface to the show, but her stress on the color's nuances is meant to evoke the complexities of black's human application."

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