Sunday, March 1, 2009

Caryl Burtner: Toothbrushes and Lipstick Blots

The first two are from Caryl's toothbrush collection - the notebooks are forms everyone fills out of the make of toothbrush, how long it was used, and other data including if it was used for anything other than brushing teeth. Within this sizeable and growing collection thereis a smaller one where artists such as Jim Nutt, Peter Saul and others sent her their used toothbrushes and filled out forms, that has been exhibited as a much smaller display.

The lipstick blots are noted with location, date, the name of the woman (it is usually a woman) , and the make and name of the color of the lipstick. I have myself had a napkin or something at hand taken and added to this ongoing collection, back in the days when I wore lipstick. The makes like Revlon etc. are well known but the names they come up with for the lipstick colors are everchanging and sometimes quite funny.

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