Monday, January 26, 2009

Bacon wrote that we should examine 
        The Idols of the Tribe
        The Idols of the Cave
        The Idols of the Theater
        and The Idols of the Marketplace.

Since artists are often anachronistically at least trying to work from the first two - in an age that has been nearly completely subsumed into the last two - I have titled this Cabinet of Cabarets as an intended ongoing project for contemplating the Wonder Cabinet of Cabarets past, present, and future that artists participate in.  

I just got back from my first time ever in Los Angeles spending time with two good friends that work in a culture industry much more enormous and influential than ours, though intersecting in interesting ways with it, and watching the Golden Globes Ceremony reminded me that I had written an aphorism:  celebrities only have to be herded together to feel celebrated.

Thank you to Matt Magee for asking about the title, so that I could write this succinct explanation. 

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